Fine Art and Illustration


Art has been in my life for as long as I can remember; from drawing dinosaurs or favourite cartoon characters, pursuing fashion and costume design, sketching and painting portraits, discovering a love for line art and then fine art and illustration... I have put pen or brush to paper and canvas in one way or another. I love creating work that is not only an expression of myself, but that people can look at for hours and still see something new in it.


The challenge of transforming a blank space into something beautiful, exciting and interesting; or painting a portrait for someone who can have a picture of themselves or a loved one for years and years to come always makes every moment spent creating worth it.

Some of the work I do takes months or years to finish depending on how intricate and big the piece is. Even the smaller works can take days or weeks as time and patience really is a virtue.


Experimenting and continually developing my work is important to keeping things fresh and new, My latest achievement is my work “The Fountain of Life and Death” being accepted into the Parkin Drawing Prize 2020. This piece took me over 300 hours to finish